Back to School Bundle


Help keep your kids healthy and lice free with this back to school bundle! Includes an Immune Booster Roller and a Lice Prevention Spray. When your kids begin the school year and you get nervous of them catching lice from a classmate, spray this on the top of their head in the morning and it will help your kid defend against lice. Also doubles a natural DEET free bug spray! And to boost their immune system (or yours) and help combat the nasty bugs the school year inevitably brings, rub the immune roller on the bottom of their feet every day before school.

Along with the other powerful essential oils in the Immune Booster blend, oregano is an exceptional oil known for its healing and immune-boosting properties. It fights infections naturally due to its antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-parasite compounds. Several scientific studies found that oregano oil exhibited antibacterial activity against a number of bacterial isolates and species, including B. laterosporus and S. saprophyticus.

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Products made with natural and organic ingredients derive their potency from nature, delivering essential vitamins and minerals crucial for your skin's vitality. The synthetic ingredients found in non-organic products often contain chemicals that may damage and weaken your skin, placing stress on it and contributing to premature aging. Opting for "clean" products devoid of harsh chemicals reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions, inflammations or irritations, ensuring that your skin receives the true nutritional benefits of its ingredients while minimizing the risk of long-term damage.

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