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This 4 oz spray is all natural and DEET free. It keeps the mosquitos away from you in the summer AND it completely stops the itching if you apply it after you have been bit! It also doubles as a lice prevention spray! When your kids begin the school year and you get nervous of them catching lice from a classmate, spray this on the top of their head in the morning and it will help your kid remain lice free.

Using an all-natural alternative rids any risk of side effects from using the hazardous chemical, DEET. In addition to keeping away bugs, a natural bug spray also helps kill bacteria and nourish your skin with the powerful benefits of witch hazel and essential oils.

“Cosmetic and beauty products often contain witch hazel because of its healthy benefits for the skin. Witch hazel has proven helpful against acne, skin sores, bruises, redness, psoriasis and eczema, oily skin, excess sweating, varicose veins, cracked skin, razor burn, sun damage and so much more,” Dr. Axe

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Crafted with Care

Products made with natural and organic ingredients derive their potency from nature, delivering essential vitamins and minerals crucial for your skin's vitality. The synthetic ingredients found in non-organic products often contain chemicals that may damage and weaken your skin, placing stress on it and contributing to premature aging. Opting for "clean" products devoid of harsh chemicals reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions, inflammations or irritations, ensuring that your skin receives the true nutritional benefits of its ingredients while minimizing the risk of long-term damage.

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14 reviews for Bug Repellent and Anti-itch Spray

  1. Annie

    I love this spray! Our whole family uses it to keep the bugs off or to provide relief if we get a mosquito bite. It’s safe to use with my toddler as well which makes this mama feels good!

  2. Pam S.

    My daughter is a mosquito magnet! She gets highly inflamed bug bites and its always a challenge. This spray works! It smells amazing, and a little goes a long way. When she wears it, no bites. Period.

  3. Amanda

    Awesome product! I have peace of mind knowing I’m not putting toxic chemicals on my 3 year old granddaughter!

  4. Christina A.

    Love this stuff! My kinda and myself are mosquito magnets and this spray keeps them away! Not to mention that it smells great!!

  5. Jennifer

    I really enjoyed this bug spray for our family. I don’t think that it was 100% effective at preventing bug bites, but it helped and I really like that it is non toxic and not oily and sticky like some other natural bug sprays are. I will definitely order again.

  6. Ashley Mowrey

    I love this spray! It helped so much with the mosquitos that usually swarm my kids and I good knowing the product was safe and natural!! I plan to restock this summer ! It’s the best!

  7. Shannon N.

    We LOVE this natural bug spray! I am pretty particular when it comes to the ingredients in my products so I was thrilled to see that this was safe for my toddler. I definitely did not have high expectations for this to work especially because mosquitoes will find both my daughter and me from miles away and come bite us :p However, I have been so happy with this spray!! It actually keeps them away and has a pleasant smell! Will definitely order more to keep on hand!

  8. Jacqueline McKay

    Luv this mosquito spray!!!❤️ I don’t go outside with out it on!!

  9. Cindy

    I am a mosquito target and I don’t like the commercial bug spray products with harmful chemicals so I thought I would give this spray a try. Loved it. It is effective and smells great. I am ordering two more!

  10. Diana

    This bug spray actually works and I love knowing I’m not putting dangerous chemicals on my kids. We also use it on existing mosquito bites to take the itch away.

  11. Kacy Dillard

    Love all of daleyrenew stuff! Everything works so well and has the best smells! Highly recommend!

  12. Kari

    This bug repellent is the bomb! Not only does it actually work, but you smell amazing! I got compliments on my “perfume”. Thanks so much for such an amazing and safe product! I will be back for more.

  13. Amy

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bug repellent. Not only does it work against the swarms of mosquitoes, but it smells nice?. It is also working great against the biting flies in Colorado.

  14. Alma Marez

    We love this bug repellent!! So glad to have found a product that’s non toxic, natural, and chemical free. Also love that it helps relief any “itchy” areas. You will not be disappointed! Can’t wait to try more of the products! Most importantly glad to be supporting a local product and momma. #daleyrenewrocks

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