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At the initial hint of a sore throat, apply this roller directly to the affected area every 20-30 minutes for lasting relief. Similar to our cough & cold balm, this roller actively combats infection and alleviates inflammation. Plus, when not addressing a sore throat, use it on your or your kiddo’s feet to bolster the immune system.

Essential oils are easily metabolized by the body. Unlike synthetic drugs, after an essential oil performs its natural healing function, it travels on to the liver and kidney and moves easily and gently out of the body, without attaching itself to various tissues. The lemon essential oil in this sore throat roller has the power to cleanse toxins from any part of the body. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity make it a useful sore throat home remedy. It’s also high in vitamin C, which boosts immune function, and it increases salivation, helping to keep the throat moist. In addition to the other healing properties of the oils in this blend, the eucalyptus oil is one of the most beneficial sore throat remedies because of its ability to stimulate immunity, provide antioxidant protection and improve respiratory circulation.

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Products made with natural and organic ingredients derive their potency from nature, delivering essential vitamins and minerals crucial for your skin's vitality. The synthetic ingredients found in non-organic products often contain chemicals that may damage and weaken your skin, placing stress on it and contributing to premature aging. Opting for "clean" products devoid of harsh chemicals reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions, inflammations or irritations, ensuring that your skin receives the true nutritional benefits of its ingredients while minimizing the risk of long-term damage.

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4 reviews for Sore Throat Roller

  1. Sarah

    Every time I feel a soar throat coming on I roll this on and BAM! It’s gone! It’s a game changer as a mom when you can’t go down!

  2. Branden W.

    I always getting a nagging sore throat in the winter. Since my wife turned me the pain stops within 20 minutes and rarely comes back. After a couple more applications it disappears completely. This roller is legit.

  3. Courtney

    This sore throat roller is the BEST! When I feel like I’m getting sick, I roll it on every 30 mins or so. It has saved me from the full blown “cold” multiple times!!

  4. Anna S.

    Love this product so much, that I carry it in my purse when I feel a soar throat coming on!

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